We support local rescue and animal advocacy groups.  We work with rescues and foster some of their adoptable cats in our stores.  We invite you to visit them!


Name: Tortilla    \\   Gender: Female   \\   Age:  1 +    \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store: Woodbury   \\   To Adopt, Call: 651.295.3758  \\  I am Tortilla, a pretty tortoiseshell. I’m a shy girl but very sweet. I was a stray but am happy to be in a home. I

Chloe and Orange

Name: Chloe and Orange   \\   Gender: Male and Female  \\   Age:  5-6 years    \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store: St. Paul   \\   To Adopt, Call: 651.295.3758  \\  Chloe and Orange were left behind at a foreclosed home and have been fed, along with some other cats, by a kind neighbor. They are ready to come inside


Name: Allie   \\   Gender: Female  \\   Age:  2    \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store: St. Paul   \\   To Adopt, Call: 651.295.3758  \\  Allie was a stray mom cat who was rescued and brought in from the cold by some kind people. She is looking for a home with her last kitten, Mighty Mouse. They are very

Harper and Monroe

Name: Harper and Monroe   \\   Gender: Male   \\   Age: 2 years     \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store: Minneapolis   \\   To Adopt, Call: 651-295-3758 \\  It’s more fun to adopt cats in pairs! Brothers Harper and Monroe get along great together and would love to be adopted together. They may be shy with


Name: Hashbrowns    \\   Gender: Female   \\   Age: 1-2 years   \\  Rescue Organization:   \\   Store: Woodbury  \\   To Adopt, Call Molly: 651-295-3758  \\  Hashbrowns is a beautiful black cat who excels at squishing into small boxes and blending into the background. She was living outside with other cats and is still very shy.

Mighty Mouse

Name: Mighty Mouse   \\   Gender: Female   \\   Age: 5 months   \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store: St.Paul  \\   To Adopt, Call Molly: 612-295-3758  \\  Mighty Mouse here to save the day!! I am a small but mighty kitten. I think it’s a crime when ALL the toys don’t get played with, so

Henry and Holly

Name: Henry and  Holly   \\   Gender: Male and Female   \\   Age:  Adult    \\  Rescue Organization:   \\   Store: St Paul   \\   To Adopt, Call: 651.295.3758  \\ Henry and Holly were living outside and fed by a kind neighbor. Now they’ve come in to find a home. They are bonded and want


Name: Orville  \\   Gender: Male   \\   Age:  1-2    \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store: Woodbury   \\   To Adopt, Call: 651.295.3758  \\  Hi! I’m Orville, a young orange boy. I am very shy but I’m adorable. I just need time and patience. I am not ready for a lot of


Name: Chuck   \\   Gender: Male   \\   Age:  6 years    \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store: Woodbury  \\   To Adopt, Call: 651.295.3758  \\    Chuck was a stray who will finally get to spend a warm winter inside.  He’s a few years old and sweet but shy at first. You’ll need to