Name: Chico   \\   Gender: Male   \\   Age:  5    \\  Rescue Organization: Feline Rescue Rescue   \\   Store: Minneapolis   \\   To Adopt, Call: 651.295.3758  \\ 

Chico was raised in a barn and got his name from the chickens. With his feathery fur, he looks like a fancy heritage breed but he is really just a little boy cat. Chico was raised right and is sweet as can be. He is skittish but will get over that. His ears are frostbitten from his winter outside, so he wants to live inside where he can always be safe and warm. Chico gets along with some cats so could live with a small flock or might prefer to be your lone rooster with plenty of attention. You can meet this farm-raised fluffball at Woody’s Pet Food Deli in Minneapolis. Call Molly for more information 651-295-3758.