Name: Bubba   \\   Gender: Male   \\   Age:  7 years    \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store: St. Paul  \\   To Adopt, Call: 651.295.3758  \\ 

Bubba was left behind at a foreclosed home several years ago.  He’s been cared for along with a colony of other cats since then, spending time outside and inside the garage of a burned out house. Despite his hard times, Bubba is very loving. His little purr motor is constantly running and he can’t get enough pets. He politely asks for attention with his squawky little voice, but he is easy to please.  He’s a beautiful boy with a smokey black coat. Bubba is about 6 years old and previously neutered. He’s recently been to the vet for an exam, where he was found to be healthy and very sweet :) Hard living though have taken a toll on his teeth, and he will have a few removed. Then Bubba will be all set to find his forever home! Since he’s always lived with cats, it would be nice if Bubba could join another cat or two. Most of all her wants to be safe and loved and indoors. Visit Bubba at the St. Paul Store. To hear more about adopting Bubba, please contact Molly at 651-295-3758 or mollysgardens@gmail.com