Figgy & Glossy

Name: Figgy & Glossy   \\   Gender: Females   \\   Age: 1+ years   \\  Rescue Organization: Feline Rescue Outreach   \\   Store: St.Paul  \\   To Adopt, Call Molly: 612-295-3758  \\ 

We are sisters and we love to play with our toys and snuggle up with each other! We are shy but with the right environment and enough time, we’ll warm up. I’m Figgy the pretty tortoiseshell cat. Glossy is a little more outgoing and she looks after me. We get along great with other cats, too. To hear more about us call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email We are fostered at Woody’s Pet Food Deli in St. Paul, so stop by and play with us there!