Meat in its unadulterated raw form is best for your carnivore pet.
Cooked meat can be a good option when your pet has a compromised immune system.

Our dogs and cats’ bodies are designed to eat and digest raw food.  It is what they would eat in their natural habitat and before the invention of pet “fast food.”  Our pets’ stomachs are much more acidic and they secrete a higher level of digestive enzymes which creates a hostile environment for bacteria.  Cooking alters both the physical and chemical makeup of the food.  Cooked meat is not as “bio-available” because fats become altered, B vitamins and antioxidants are destroyed, and naturally occurring digestive enzymes and good bacteria are lost in the cooking process.

However, if your pet has a compromised immune system, it might be better to go with cooked meats. Kittens and puppies 8 months or less should start first with cooked meats to help them build up their immune systems.  After a few weeks on cooked, then they can be transitioned to raw.  The bottom line is the decision to feed raw or cooked depends on what you as a pet parent believe or are comfortable with.  Either way, feeding real food to your pet will bring them health, vitality, balance and longevity.