Woody’s Pet Food Deli is our grassroots effort to educate pet owners of proper pet nutrition.  There is nothing more elemental in optimal and preventive pet healthcare than the simple act of feeding our pets real food.

Our store is named after Woody, our German shepherd mix. We adopted Woody from St. Francis of Assisi Animal Rescue of Forest Lake (SFAAR) , MN in November 2006 at the senior age of 9.  Two months later, we adopted Fred, an 11 year-old Beagle to keep Woody company.  Both dogs had serious health issues.  Woody was undernourished, had inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and was losing hair on his head and legs.  Fred was 46 lbs, almost twice as much than he should weigh, had pollen allergies, heart murmur, severe chronic ear infection, arthritis, multiple cysts, anal sac problems, hot spots, and excessive shedding. Both led us to this journey of discovering that real pet food is whole foods.

The changes to both Woody and Fred were dramatic since moving them to a whole foods diet.  Both had soft, shiny, and full-bodied coats.  Woody maintained a healthy weight, and was seldom beset by diarrhea.  Fred maintained weight at 26 lbs.  There were barely signs of his heart murmur and his arthritis and anal sac problems disappeared.  His chronic ear infection was more of a challenge, a result of years of poor nutrition, and constant antibiotic and steroid administration.  But with the help of a local holistic vet, we were able to keep his pollen allergies and ears inflammations at manageable levels. Woody passed away in 2013. Fred followed the year after. They were the best companions one could ever have and we are thankful for the years they spent with us.

Woody and Fred