Name: Chuck   \\   Gender: Male   \\   Age:  6 years    \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store: Woodbury  \\   To Adopt, Call: 651.295.3758  \\  Chuck was a stray who will finally get to spend a warm winter inside.  He’s a few years old and sweet but shy at first. You’ll need to take


Name: Orville  \\   Gender: Male   \\   Age:  1-2    \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store: Woodbury   \\   To Adopt, Call: 651.295.3758  \\  Hi! I’m Orville, a young orange boy. I am very shy but I’m adorable. I just need time and patience. I am not ready for a lot of

Henry and Holly

Name: Henry and  Holly   \\   Gender: Male and Female   \\   Age:  Adult    \\  Rescue Organization:   \\   Store: St Paul   \\   To Adopt, Call: 651.295.3758  \\ Henry and Holly were living outside and fed by a kind neighbor. Now they’ve come in to find a home. They are bonded and want

Mighty Mouse

Name: Mighty Mouse   \\   Gender: Female   \\   Age: 5 months   \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store: St.Paul  \\   To Adopt, Call Molly: 612-295-3758  \\  Mighty Mouse here to save the day!! I am a small but mighty kitten. I think it’s a crime when ALL the toys don’t get played with, so


Name: Hashbrowns    \\   Gender: Female   \\   Age: 1-2 years   \\  Rescue Organization:   \\   Store: Woodbury  \\   To Adopt, Call Molly: 651-295-3758  \\  Hashbrowns is a beautiful black cat who excels at squishing into small boxes and blending into the background. She was living outside with other cats and is still very shy.


Name: Luca   \\   Gender: Male   \\   Age: 2 years     \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store: Minneapolis   \\   To Adopt, Call: 651-295-3758 \\  Luca is a 2-year-old, super affectionate, playful, family-oriented , social cat. He’s good with other cats, dogs, and kids. Until he finds his forever family, he is entertaining folks at

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