Purrcy and Penny

Name: Purrcy and Penny   \\   Gender: Male and Female  \\   Age:  5-6 months   \\  Rescue Organization:    \\   Store:    \\   To Adopt, Call: 651.295.3758  \\

Purrcy &Penny❤️  are stunningly shiny super playful and sweet 5ish month old kittens! Purrcy would much rather snuggle in your lap than be a crazy hyper kitten. He is soooo affectionate and a a lil less timid than his sister. She’s not a fan of being held yet but will gladly climb in my lap for pets. They love wand toys and flying through the air doing flips and chasing little Pom Pom toys across the room. They have fabulous litter box habits and are great eaters. They are very bonded and must stay together 😻  For more info contact Molly at 651-295-3758 or email mollysgardens@gmail.com.