Name: Celeste   \\   Gender: Female   \\   Age: 2 years   \\  Rescue Organization:  Kitty Revolution  \\   Store: St. Paul  \\   To Adopt email adoption@kittyrevolution.org \\ 

Celeste is a reserved young girl who is quite heavenly, hence the name. She was sent to us to watch over her brothers, sisters, and other cat friends from a lofty height. While she perches in the top tower of her cat tree surveying everything, you know she is thinking that these humans aren’t so bad and I could get used to them. Celeste has taken her own sweet time to enjoy petting around her ears and neck. She even leans into your hand as her foster mom teases her about how much she enjoys it.
Celeste is reserved and she will need someone with lots of patience and love to show her how wonderful her future life can be. Celeste has been in foster care with Chessie.

Celeste is currently residing at Woody’s Pet Food Deli in St. Paul. You can visit her there or contact Selma at adoption@kittyrevolution.org for more information about adopting.